The world's most extravagant CHANEL boutique opens "Oriental Paris"

CHANEL announced that it has the world's most elegant boutiques was held December 3, 2009 opening of the Peninsula Hotel in Shanghai.

Boutique area of 480 square meters, as if a high-ranking official aristocratic mansion. By a number of salon-style room, it takes on the high-level rendering clothing, accessories, footwear, fine jewelry and watches series, more special VIP area open up. All designs are inspired from the main store is located in Paris Ms. Chanel's residence, especially from Europe, the fine selection of antiques, art and special tailor-made works of art embellished with a device to make this boutique proudly jumped to the ultimate elegant new height!

From passes through the gate that moment, you will find there is no counter, 8 meters in the high-ceilinged room decorated with Gold Lasso is created by the acclaimed French artist Jean-Michel Othoniel for CHANEL , with gold and black Murano glass-blowing a huge pearl, it is immediately reminded Ms. Chanel wearing classic pearl necklace. Review posted on the wall hand-made of white parachute fabric wall covering, while the ground is black granite, all the way extended to every salon. Through the galleries, greet visitors' eyes is on display in glass cases one by one the special art exhibits and treasures like the museum-like. Showing a timeless classic Chanel style: low-key, comfortable, ultimate elegance.

Goossens Jewelry Square for the CHANEL boutique Shanghai peninsula, a senior Sharon, a special series of gold jewelry decorated with crystal dome.

The 1960s style antique mirror the sun

Johan Creten creation rose gold-plated bronze sculpture Shanghai Gold

Marino with Paris design artist Christophe Come create four sides the artistic screen, reminiscent of in the Ms. Chanel's residence the Chinese ebony paint surface screen.


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