Chanel fashion week Collection 2010

After seeing some photos of Chanel Cruise 2010, I could not resist sharing some of the points with PurseBloggers you all there. This has to be one of the tracks most beautiful shows I've ever seen, a boardwalk of Venice Lido in the 1920 adjustment clothes back. Karl Lagerfeld said he chose this particular option to debut this collection because of Coco Chanel was a longtime admirer of this particular Italian beach. Coco made annual visits to this beach during the 1920s, so it is particularly appropriate for this set of retro-glam beachwear and beautiful gowns. The promenade is a few steps from the sea, the show started at dusk, and I've never found myself wishing to attend any fashion both in my life.From:http://www.dollartreeus.com/

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