2010 big IT BAG advertising gimmick then what are they selling

The first tier: Classic and practical to send
On behalf of persons: Prada, Burberry, Louis Vuitton,Chanel
Subject: do not seek the best, they seek the best selling!

Spring and summer of 2010 the first advertisement is this law-abiding, professional bags, an emphasis on low-profile looks out to admire the things middle-class women. Imagine a woman Eurya only package should be: lawyers, executives, professional women stiff. Too fashionable dress from time lining only package. Therefore, it can be seen, Prada wanted to sell is not the love of stylish, pocket without Liangqian little girl.

Burberry handbags of ads this season, so that two siblings, Emma Watson Eurya a bunch of the packages is simply to sell, "snapped Van child" - not wait for customers give birth to superhuman powers in one hand and a bag. Again, Burberry this season is its promotion of home the most "cute" in the classic Check check tote bag. Carrying it, everyone knows that you are buying from Burberry, security can be unpopular.
2010012117124849With the Burberry one large ones, LV handbag models this season is simply is an even bigger eruption. All ads are the most printed, most streets, the most "no" with the most "ages" in style, even Neverfull such "street bag" are placed in it a prominent position in early spring series of ads. Louis Vuitton is definitely depressed in this battle of the big winner.

Prada handbags to blame sharp professional women, then the Ferragamo handbags is targeted at those who have money and leisure brings a low-key middle-class housewives. Buy a larger package, should be simple and practical, should be strong, but also do not fancy; packed into the bottle, but also packed under the impulse when shopping for goods purchased. You say, "fashionable"? What we need is "but when."

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