Fashion Week chanel 2.55

This is the land of Chanel chic. The collection is very nice, very Chanel. I just saw the movie and I loved Coco. It was much better than I thought.
I do not always love what Chanel shows, but mostly I love the great length to which Karl Lagerfeld will show it. Few people in fashion are able to imagine a big show of how to do it for her over-the-top performances, and are always a pleasure to see, whether or not you enjoy the clothes.
The presentation of Chanel at Paris Fashion Week involved the importation of giant pieces of an iceberg of Scandinavia, and models scattered around the track in the appropriate cold weather clothing. Well, it was as if Chanel - there were several of what can only be accurately called Wookie costumes, plus lots of laundry in the Arctic others, frayed woolen brown synthetic leather (which is all skins in this show was fake).
About a third of the way into the show, the clothes have a little more dressy and some of the bags have pretty seriously. My favorites were the grip bar - although it may have been the most practical bag is shown (I think the award goes to furry, backpacks Tweedy), were the most accurate reflection of the sense of frozen collection and probably do collectibles fantastic in the future. In general, ome of the chanel 2.55 are strange, but if I move from imitation leather then there was some beauty to the eye.

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