Queen of fashion: chanel in 1920's

20 Queen of fashion: chanel in 1920's

CHANEL brand's founder Coco Chanel (Coco Chanel), Ms.:

In 1920, Chanel according to the sailor's bell-bottoms, to design women's slacks. Two years later, they design a leisure is very strong, the mast of the beach slacks. Throughout the 1920s, the idea of ​​a Chanel one after another after another popular style: tweed skirt with a stuffed shirt and pearl necklace; duffel into a sailor suit and raincoat, when new clothes; small black suit trim, patch pocket of a knee-length collarless sweater with a short skirt ... it ... she was also the innovative big black bow tie, blazer gold buttons on the latter strap sandals, handbags and wallets with chains. Her jewelry business has a greater influential

Coco Chanel Biography

Coco Chanel (Coco Chanel)

Name: Coco Chanel

Nationality: France

Date of Birth: August 19, 1883

Birthplace: Saumur, France

Date of death: January 10, 1971

Death: Paris, France

Brand Name: Chanel

Original name Gabrielle Chanel , was born in Saumur, France August 19, 1883, died in Paris, France, June 10, 1971.

If you ask the twenties who is fashion queen , then the only answer : Coco Chanel , her life beyond the limits of design and respect for freedom to mix and match the style of the female body from the clumsy distortions of fetters out, emphasizing elegant simplicity and easy to wear, as the revolutionary vanguard of modern women's clothing. She once said: "To women from head to toe to get rid of pretense." She wanted to "create a younger profile" Chanel clothing frank, free, short skirt to knee , loose straight jacket, not to emphasize the curve of the chest and buttocks. Three-quarters of her long woolen no waist coat, remove the fancy decorations, simple men like the same. She's high fashion as opposed to the past "as pigeon chest and protruding buttocks." "Irritability, messy," she shapes up strong county concise, simple, comfortable ease, color pure, simple and elegant, she likes black and white. Chanel has changed the concept of fashion, is really into the art of the 20th century clothing.

The strong-willed, with extraordinary creativity and vitality of a woman's name make CHANEL with its two interlocking double-C logo has become a symbol of fashion and culture, the focus on quality people, it represents the style and status. In the twenties she was the first to be interpreted as men's knitted sweater ladies; sailor pants drawn from the introduction of "sailor pants" and "beach pyjamas", advocating women as men like to wear trousers, creating a "men wearing women," the first of its kind . Her man-made jewelry and clothing with attention, in particular, clusters of clusters of pearls, for her simple clothes and add a gorgeous sense of design, but also on the concept of modern clothing - how to wear a dress is more important than the dress itself and we call the "total look".

Coco Chanel never married, she rejected numerous suitors. Most of them come from wealthy nobles, is not only a prominent status, is fond of Chanel. Even the famous Duke of Westminster is one of her suitors. Of course, Duke failed at last. Once, he asked chanel sadly: "For you, do even the name Duchess of Westminster is also good enough?" "Honey, you know," fashion leader smiled and said: "The Earth there are many Duchess, but only one Coco Chanel. "her words, and later became Chanel's famous slogan.

June 10, 1971, Chanel alone for the upcoming fashion show to work late late morning, she took sleeping pills, she slept, but did not wake up from her love of wearing suits, wearing necklace, with her witty and playful, Yan Ran happy death, and the end of her legendary life, throughout the year-old she quietly departed one, no one stopped to ask, if no one heard her cry for help she does not like solitude, but have spent the rest of his life alone, she was so prominent, and her death is so dull.

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