Chanel Maison d'Arts collection in Shanghai

Started from 2002,Karl Lagerfeld every year could choose a city to promote the high-quality hand workshop series,until now has gone through Paris, New York, London, Moscow and other seven cities.Hope that through this way,seven French Tradition Handicraft Workshop in their craft and heritage can be carried forward, but also to handicraft masters who works silently for the high-quality fashionable clothing development offers a respect. This year Chanel's head designer Karl Lagerfeld brought Metiers the d'Art eighth series came to Shanghai take “Paris-Shanghai” as performed a high fashion scene staged drama.It will be shown on the evening of December 4 at the city's freshly inaugurated boutique.

Super model PEI Bei, is invited as an outstanding representative of the Asian model was invited to serve as the main show models.

It is reported that this active specification extreme high,all the "all" are by air from Paris to Shanghai,Pei Bei is this time Karl Lagerfeld hand-picked model,"she was very charming, very Chanel", this is his evaluation of .

The show can be watched online from December 4 or December 5, depending on your geographic location.


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